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Heavy Flow (Pack of 8)

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Light Flow (Pack of 8)


Base Pad –  2
Inner Pads –  6
Fleurette femme is introducing a new menstrual pad design. These are made of 100% organic cotton, biodegradable, and do not harm the environment. Long-term usage of plastic-based pads may cause rashes and itches due to the chemicals and gel.
Fleurette Femme has more comfortable, natural, and safer alternatives to better care of oneself during menstruation.
Our leakproof sheets are biodegradable and dissolve into the mud within six months. The unique design of our pads is perfect during the maternity period and can withstand heavy flow.
Here’s the reason lakhs of ladies love and believe us:
✅ Thin & Flexible
✅ Leakproof
✅ Disposable Cotton Sanitary pads
✅ Bio-Degradable

***Patented Design***

Instruction to use the Pad Set

The set includes one base and 6 inner pads. Each inner pad has four layers of fast-absorbing clothes to hold more than 100ml of fluid. The pads and the base must be disposed of after use. The base must be used in only one stretch of 7 days. Fix the base on the panty.

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